May 20, 2019, 11:13 pm




During the pastoral visit to families after Christmas called “kolęda”, a suggestion was made to make another, already third attempt to organize the parish council.


This process will take place according to the following calendar: February 25th  - March 4th - reflection time. Let us think about our candidates and talk to them if they would be willing to take on this task. It is about people who know our church well, and so regularly participate in the Sunday Masses.


Second stage: March 11th – 18th - submission of candidates. Only those who have expressed their readiness to join the parish council can be reported.


The Archdiocese also requires that a new financial council be established (the term of office lasts 3 years). Persons should be ready to dedicate time to the parish during the four meetings of the year in which the parish-s budget is prepared and the execution of it.


Please forward any suggestions to the priest.


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