100th Anniversary of the Birthday of Pope John Paul II

May 18, 2020


Monday, May 18th, is the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Saint Pope John Paul II.

Today, his relics are exhibited next to the tabernacle.

His published private notes, which he made during each retreat, show that he prayed a lot for Poland, which he called the "earthly Mother".

He kissed Polish soil many times and during the dark times of "martial law" (1981-1983) he was the loudest voice claiming the right to freedom and self-determination for Poles.

His whole attitude of love for his homeland appears in a surprising contrast to the hatred of the anti-Polish opposition today, to everything that Poland represents.

Let us pray to Saint John Paul II and let us entrust to him matters of Poland, which he loved above all.

Polska Parafia w Houston

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