• Fourth Sunday of Lent

    Rejoice, Jerusalem!

    02 kwietnia 2011r. 1490
  • Third Sunday of Lent.

    "Sir, give me this water ...."

    26 marca 2011r. 1479
  • Second Sunday of Lent.

    The Transfiguration.

    19 marca 2011r. 1694
  • First Sunday of Lent

    Prayer, fasting, Almsgiving.

    16 marca 2011r. 1754
  • Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Lord, be my rock of safety.

    05 marca 2011r. 1607
  • Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

    "You shall have no other gods beror Me".

    26 lutego 2011r. 1554
  • Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 17, 2010

    By using espousan imagery the first reading expresses God’s intense and intimate love for Israel. John places the first manifestation of Jesus in the context of a wedding celebration. God’s espousal love for all humanity is coming to fulfillment in Jesus. Why does John begin with a wedding story? What, really, is the wedding? What, really, is the sign? This first manifestation of why Jesus came among us summarizes his whole saving mission.

    07 grudnia 2009r. 1345
  • Bulletin for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

    News, Mass intentions

    19 grudnia 2009r. 331
  • Polska Parafia w Houston

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